Support Vector Machines

Domain Knowledge

Prior Domain Knowledge   Home Barzilay and Brailovsky (1999) “An approach to constructing a kernel function which takes into account some domain knowledge about a problem and thus essentially diminishes the number of noisy parameters in high dimensional feature space is suggested.” Chapelle (2001) and Sch?o?lkopf “The choice of an SVM kernel corresponds to the …

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Convex stuff   Convex – Wikipedia Convex — From MathWorld Convex combination – Wikipedia Convex function – Wikipedia Convex Function — From MathWorld Convex hull – Wikipedia Convex Hull — From MathWorld Convex Set — From MathWorld Convex optimization – Wikipedia Convex Optimization Theory — From MathWorld


SVMs for Classification   BOSER, Bernhard E., Isabelle M. GUYON and Vladimir N. VAPNIK, A Training Algorithm for Optimal Margin Classifiers [about 515] “Experimental results on optical character recognition problems demonstrate the good generalization obtained when compared with other learning algorithms.” Boser, Guyon and Vapnik (1992) BURBIDGE, R. et al., Drug design by machine learning: support vector machines …

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