Support Vector Machines


Fisher Kernel   Paper Fisher Kernel (.pdf) Links Wikipedia: Fisher kernel Bibliography ARAN, O. and L. AKARUN, 2006. … Two Handed Gestures with Generative, Discriminative and Ensemble Methods Via Fisher Kernels. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. [not cited] (0/year) ARAN, O. and L. AKARUN, 2006. … Two Handed Gestures with Generative, Discriminative and Ensemble Methods Via Fisher Kernels. LECTURE NOTES …

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Kernel Methods   Kernel Methods (.pdf) Terminology The term kernel is derived from a word that can be traced back to c. 1000 and originally meant a seed (contained within a fruit) or the softer (usually edible) part contained within the hard shell of a nut or stone-fruit. The former meaning is now obsolete. It was first used in mathematics …

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Implementation   Training: Compute Gram matrix Gij = yiyjK(qi; qj) Solve QP to get a Compute intercept c by using complementarity or duality Classification: Compute ki = K(q, qi) for support vectors qi Compute f = c+Σi aikiyi Test sign(f)


Hilbert Space   Hilbert space – Wikipedia Hilbert Space — From MathWorld “Hilbert space” – Google Scholar “Hilbert space” – Google Search “The literature on SVMs usually refers to the space H as a Hilbert space, so let�s end this Section with a few notes on this point. You can think of a Hilbert space …

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Gram Matrix

Gram Matrix   “gram matrix” – Google Scholar “gram matrix” – Google Search Gram Matrix — From MathWorld “Gram matrix (a matrix of dot products: see (Horn, 1985))” Burges (1998)


Support Vector Machines: Financial Applications   Listed in order of citations per year, highest at the top. Last updated September 2006. PANG, Bo, Lillian LEE and Shivakumar VAITHYANATHAN, 2002. Thumbs up? Sentiment Classification using Machine Learning Techniques, In: EMNLP ’02: Proceedings of the ACL-02 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing – Volume 10, pages 79–86. …

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Feature Selection

SVMs and Feature Selection   MUKHERJEE, S., Bioinformatics Applications and Feature Selection for SVMs Mukherjee (2001) NIYOGI, Partha, Chris BURGES and Padma RAMESH, Distinctive Feature Detection Using Support Vector Machines Niyogi, Burges and Ramesh (1998) Support Vector Methods in Learning and Feature Extraction Schölkopf et al. (1998) Feature Selection for SVMs Weston et al.


Duality   Duality (mathematics) – Wikipedia Dual problem – Wikipedia Linear programming: Duality – Wikipedia “dual optimization problem” – Google Scholar “dual optimization problem” – Google Search Mathematical Programming Glossary Page 2